Registration to attend our symposium “Decolonise STEM: Resisting, Unlearning and Imagining“ is now closed.

Date and Location: Saturday 5th October 2019, Institute Of Education, London

Keynote Speakers: Dr Arianne Shahvisi and Dr Christine (Xine) Yao

The symposium will be a space to share lived and felt experience of existing in, and speaking across, the Eurocentric space of STEM, as well as an opportunity for all of us – speakers, panellists, and attendees – to strategize, and conspire methods by which to dismantle white supremacy in STEM.

The day will be split into two panels and a collaborative and interactive workshop. Panel one, ‘Experiences in STEM: Strategies of Survival’, will foreground counternarratives – lived and felt experiences of navigating and surviving, both past and present, the coloniality of STEM. Panel two: ‘Decolonising STEM’, will centre academic and scholarly activism on the topic of supremacy in, and decolonisation of, STEM. Finally, with care, kindness, and collaborative non-hierarchical method, we will workshop, together, practical and theoretical tools to begin he process of decolonising STEM.

Conscious and Ethical Application

By virtue of the symposium being a small, collaborative, direct action gathering, spaces are limited. As such we will be exercising a method of conscious and equitable application. This means that that as opposed to the traditional method of first come, first served — that has the potential to alienate and exclude certain individuals, groups, and causes — we ask that prospective attendees briefly explain (in no more than 150 words), their interest in participating in this event. By no means does this have to be a formal statement, rather a little snippet about why you want to get involved.

The deadline to submit attendee application is 1st September 2019.  To submit please click on the link to the application form at the bottom of the page. A decision on all attendees will be made by 5th September 2019.

The symposium is a free, lunch will be provided, and a venue is booked for us to chill out at the end of an exciting day. Attendees of the symposium will also be eligible for funding to cover travel expenses within the UK. For any queries, please contact:

Join the Movement

We want to empower and cultivate a community that allows as many voices as possible to be heard, across disciplines, inside and outside of the academy.  

We will mobilise and facilitate this transformative environment through town hall meetings, reading groups, workshops, colloquiums, blogs, YouTube, Skype and open access resources. To join the movement, follow us on Twitter @Decolonise STEM.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

If you’re interested in attending, you can fill out a conscious application form here: