“Decolonise STEM: Resisting, Unlearning and Imagining”

Date and Location: Saturday 5th October 2019, University College London

Keynote Speakers: Dr Arianne Shahvisi and Dr Christine (Xine) Yao

We are currently accepting applications for panellists. More information, and how to apply, can be found on the Call for Panellists page.

The symposium seeks to mobilise early year academics, activists, and an amalgamation of the two, from inside and outside of STEM and related fields who are currently engaging in the ‘decolonising’ agenda. We seek to form a non-hierarchical, intergenerational, anti-ivory tower community, with an aim to collectively turn our heads towards the colonial STEM monolith and create dialogue within and across these structures. A fundamental aspect of our project will be the creation of a ‘decolonising STEM’ toolkit, that is, a shared and accessible language and value set to move the campaign forward in a way that cultivates inclusion, and fosters transformation and change in the academy, and on the streets.

Our agenda is long term, and will extend beyond that of our initial symposium, where together we will devise a timeline of future events both formal and informal. This is the germ of an idea; the planting of roots to support an ongoing and much bigger, longer-term movement. Our transformative environment will be facilitated and maintained through town hall meetings, reading groups, workshops, colloquiums, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Skype and open access resources. We want to empower and cultivate a community that allows as many voices as possible to be heard, across disciplines, inside and outside of the academy. This community will foster an ongoing awareness of (i) those that are continually silenced from the conversation by virtue of their being affected by the coloniality of STEM, and its corresponding institutions and (ii) how these voices can best be reached. We hope this network will be a network of praxis, change and mutual support.